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Enough Is Enough- End Gun Violence

When will this be over? At some point, we must all say enough is enough. It’s enough, and it must come to an end. We must save our children because this is what occurs every day in our cities. One lost is a number too many. We grieve this horrific loss that occurred in Uvalde, Texas.

Words cannot do justice to the feeling and emotions the affected community members are going through right now. We must demand justice; we must demand change. A school should be a sanctuary where a child feels safe. A supermarket should feel safe where a person goes to get everyday essentials. A place of worship should feel safe where a person goes to be closer to their faith. 

This has been recorded to be the deadliest shooting targeted against innocent children since the incident where 20 children and six adults lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, in December 2012.

Will young lives continue to be cut short?  Families have been shattered, and communities have been traumatized by the non-ending gun violence. 

Act now, stand up to gun violence. Take part in the “wear orange” campaign and increase awareness to the matter. 

Participate in the rally’s to raise awareness June 3-5

Don’t know what to do next? 

Text ACT to 644-33 and see updates on what your city is doing to keep our community safe from gun violence.