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COVID Updates

From the start of the pandemic the Council has been working closely with public health departments at state and local levels to inform our communities with up-to-date information about the COVID-19 virus. We seek their direction to determine what is mandatory and what is advisory. The Council has stood behind science and deferred to health agencies to determine the best practices and will continue to consult with our Imams and religious scholars, seeking their opinions on the matters that impact our local masjids.
As of May 6th, the Illinois Department of Public Health reported 30,633 new and probable cases of COVID-19. With that we wanted to inform all of you, no public officials have mandated mask mandates, however working with our medical resources, we are recommending that individuals should be diligent with wearing masks in indoor spaces and urging individuals to get vaccinated if they have not been.

We should all continue to practice the proper health precautions: washing hands, wearing masks when feeling ill, masking indoors, and to stay home and quarantine if you test positive. These steps, alongside with being vaccinated, have and will continue to be effective in stopping major outbreaks of the virus in our communities.
When considering how rising COVID infections affects worship services, bear in mind that our scholars’ opinions were grounded in a fundamental principle in Islam: Cause No Harm. As leaders within our community, we should encourage the recommendations of medical and public health officials. Continue vaccination drives and make masks available to those gathered at the mosque. Encourage those who suspect they are infected to get tested, and if they are sick to stay home.
Please stay in touch with, and follow,  what your local masjids are recommending. We ask that you all be vigilant in your local communities, especially while attending the masjids. Our masjids have been and will continue to be at the front lines and hope to continue to stay open.