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Illinois Muslim Action Day

IMAD (Illinois Muslim Action Day) is an annual event where members of the Muslim community in Illinois gather at the Capitol building in Springfield to engage with public officials on issues relevant to them. The event aims to amplify the voices of the Muslim minority and foster stronger relationships with legislators and civic groups. The goals include having 150 adults attend, recruiting 25 to 35 Pages to shadow legislators, lobbying for bills, and advocating for the interests of the Muslim community and society at large.


  • Strengthen relations with legislators and civic groups.

  • Have 150 adults attend and recruit 25 to 35 Pages.

  • Lobby for bills in the interest of the Muslim community and society.

  • Secure internships at various levels of government

Since 2009, CIOGC has offered the Greater Chicago Muslim community a chance to interact meaningfully with Illinois legislators through Illinois Muslim Action Day (IMAD).

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.IMAD has provided opportunities to raise prominent issues of the Muslim community with our state legislative leaders and to serve as a platform for building stronger relationships with our civic and faith partners.

The CIOGC Illinois Muslim Action Day (IMAD) Page Program gives Muslim youth from the Chicagoland area an exciting chance to learn about the legislative process in Illinois by shadowing state lawmakers at their offices in Springfield, Illinois.

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