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Since 2009, CIOGC has provided the greater Chicago Muslim community the opportunity to engage with Illinois legislators in a meaningful way through Illinois Muslim Action Day (IMAD).

Schedule of the Day:

At 10:00 a.m. CIOGC will host a press conference in the State Press Room.   The Press Room is located in the basement of the State Capitol Building.  At the press conference we intend to host, as speakers, invited state representatives, leaders of partner organizations and leaders of our member organizations.

From the end of the breakfast to the commencement of the press conference and then after the press conference concludes to the beginning of our rally, members of the community who have registered on the website as an IMAD day participant will be assigned to a team of community members who will visit the offices of legislators seeking a meeting with these legislators.

While we anticipate having secured meetings with some legislators, many do not set appointments because of the unpredictability of their schedules during legislative sessions. They encourage us to come to their office on April 21.

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Legislative Agenda

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