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Young People Are Our Future-

Young people are not just the future of our democracy; they’re a big part of its present. In every field, in every community, and in every sector of our society, all of us have a role to play in Growing Voters and ensuring that youth are fully prepared to contribute to the political life of the country.Comprehensive civic education should be offered at schools including practices about voting and elections.

This is a crucial component of the Growing Voters paradigm. Schools are ideally positioned to reach nearly all adolescents in a systematic manner, as well as to detect and remedy any gaps based on ethnicity, economic factors, or other variables. We discovered that teaching about voting raised the possibility of adolescents (self-reported) voting when they turn 18 by 40% in our thorough research on the association between civic education and voting in the 2012 election. While further research into how districts and schools institutionalize this approach is needed, we do know that there are ways to put this into practice that aren’t limited to specific lesson plans. When schools and districts commit to educating about elections and voting, negative messages about elections and voting can be reduced