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Charity During Dhul-Hijah

There are many difficulties in the post-pandemic age, especially for the poor. Many people are still battling to overcome the emotional, material, and bodily losses they endured during the pandemic. Islam offers us a complete rule of behavior that commands us to assist our impoverished brothers and sisters. 

During Dhul Hijjah, even small deeds like taking care of your parents and helping with your family become more important. 

Many of us focus our charitable giving on the final ten nights of Ramadan, but the month of Dhul Hijjah are just as important! You should make the most of this chance to increase the reward for a good deed. 

Giving to charity during this auspicious month is rewarding since your donations of sadaqah and zakat will be multiplied many, many times over. 

As The Dear Prophet stated “Charity doesn’t reduce wealth”

Your good deeds are richly appreciated at this time since Allah (SWT) is especially appreciative of them. He encourages us to help the needy and give to charity.