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To further comprehend the significance of Qurbani, let’s first go back to its beginning. Qurbani dates to the time of the Prophet Ibrahim. Allah (SWT) ordered him to sacrifice his son, Ismail, who was the dearest person to him, despite how much Prophet Ibrahim loved his son, he was willing to sacrifice him to show his loyalty to Allah (SWT). Ismail consented in obedience to his father and acceptance of what was necessary by Allah (SWT) after Ibrahim explained to him what was required of him.

To prevent him from struggling, he first demanded that his legs and arms be chained. He also asked that to spare his father from witnessing his suffering, he also requested that he put on a blindfold. Ismail consented to the offering because he was aware of how much his father loved him and because he understood that Prophet Ibrahim had to make the offering to demonstrate his devotion to Allah (SWT). 

By the mercy of Allah (SWT) Ismail was spared from the sacrifice at the last minute when Allah (SWT) switched him for a ram. Ibrahim was put to the test by Allah (SWT) with the request to see how committed and submissive he was, and after demonstrating his devotion, Ibrahim passed the test.


The purpose of Qurbani

Muslims celebrate Qurbani to honor the sacrifice that Ibrahim was willing to undertake as he shown the level of Muslims can demonstrate their unification through Qurbani while providing aid to people in need. Along with providing mercy to their brothers and sisters who are going through difficult circumstances and do not have the resources to maintain themselves, they also learn patience and become conscious of the mercy Allah (SWT) decides to bestow.