Our mission is to be the unifying federation of Islamic organizations of greater Chicagoland, the leading advocate of Muslim community interests and a catalyst for enriching American society.


Thank you to the sponsors of our 3rd Annual Muslim Youth Expo

CIOGC extends its gratitude and appreciation to the generous sponsors of the 3rd Annual Muslim Youth Expo to be held at Moraine Valley Community College on Saturday, September 23.  

Zakat Foundation of America is unique among humanitarian organizations in advancing zakat as a vehicle for social change. The third pillar of Islam, zakat is an obligatory claim on the Wahedalth of the affluent to empoWahedr the indigent. ZF channels this egalitarian spirit of zakat into a global vision of social development that transcends national boundaries, and stands as a widely recognized authority on interpreting zakat as a factor for positive change. 

ZF strives to be an exceptional relief and development organization utilizing sustainable methods, while modeling the spirit of cooperative internationalism that will be essential in an increasingly unstable world. Every year brings new projects that expand the scope of their work and deepen its impact on the communities they serve. 

Learn more about Zakat Foundation of America and support their programs at www.zakat.org. 

Islamic Relief USA is a community of humanitarians–staff, volunteers, affiliates, supporters, partners, donors–who have been working together for a better world for nearly 25 years. 

In 1993, Islamic Relief USA became an independent (and legally separate) member of a global family of collaborating relief organizations that share a common vision, mission and family identity—connected through the use of the name, “Islamic Relief. Islamic Relief USA operates seven regional offices in the United States: in northern California, southern California, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, Texas and Virginia, which is its headquarter location. These IRUSA offices have been serving to educate, inform, and raise awareness about its various relief and development projects for years. Additionally, IRUSA holds seminars, banquets, concerts, and other public awareness programs across the country to help fund domestic and international projects. 

Learn more about Islamic Relief USA and supportheir programs at www.irusa.org. 

Wahed Invest offers an ethical investing in the digital age and utilizes a human review panel to screen certain stocks, commodities and other investment types that are not socially responsible or Shariah compliant, before automating algorithm-based investments. Clients will receive a recommended optimized and diversified portfolio based on their own risk tolerance. Using Wahed, American Muslims can now digitally automate long-term, halal investments into securities such as Sukuks and gold, while managing their halal portfolios at a low cost.

Wahed Invest LLC is an SEC registered Investment Advisory. It is the first automated Shari’ah complaint investment platform in the world. Wahed’s mission is to provide an safe, reliable, and truly automated Shari’ah compliant investment vehicle to Islamic investors across the globe.

The experience at Wahed is truly automated. The Wahed Platform has been design and developed to allow clients with little financial knowledge to invest their savings with institutional level diversification. Wahed employs Modern Portfolio Theory to diversify investor portfolios, minimize risk, and maximize returns. 

Wahed manages the personalized accounts of all its clients. Wahed diversify portfolio allocations based on our client’s risk profile and periodically rebalance their portfolio while they can sit back and relax.

Wahed Invest’s commitment to ethics is overseen, certified, and continually monitored by Straightway Ethical Advisory LLC. Straightway Ethical Advisory LLC is a boutique consulting group that specializes in providing Shari’ah compliance services to the financial services sector.

Learn more about Wahed Invest at www.wahedinvest.com.