Our mission is to be the unifying federation of Islamic organizations of greater Chicagoland, the leading advocate of Muslim community interests and a catalyst for enriching American society.


Protecting You and Your Organization 

What help can the federal government provide where zoning approval for your new facility is being denied?

Did you know a local Muslim agency had to purge the names of many donors on its donors’ list in order to comply with GDPR?

What if a rogue actor enters your masjid and seriously injures someone?  Have you taken the necessary steps to protect your members?  What is the potential liability of board members for the actions of this intruder?

Did you know that what you do or fail to do as a board member can result in your organization losing its tax-exempt status?  Are you aware of your obligations to prevent this from happening?

These are a few of the question to be answered at the upcoming Nonprofit Leadership Conference to be held on Saturday, September 8, 2018 at the Mecca Center, Willowbrook, Illinois.

The all day program begins at 9:30 a.m.  The presenters have extensive knowledge and experience in the formation, operation and dissolution of nonprofit organizations.

Board members of all of our member organizations are strongly encourage to attend.  The information gained will be extremely beneficial to you and your organization, and the program is being provided free of charge thanks to its sponsors, CIOGC, Muslim Legal Fund (MLF), and the Mecca Center.