Our mission is to be the unifying federation of Islamic organizations of greater Chicagoland, the leading advocate of Muslim community interests and a catalyst for enriching American society.



The Central Zakat Committee

Chair: Quadir Hussain Khan

The Zakat Committee aides in calculating Zakat and answering questions regarding its distribution. It also offers local distribution of Zakat to organizations as well as individuals.

Website: zakatchicago.com Email: zakat@ciogc.org

Interfaith Coordinating Committee

Chair: Azam Nizamuddin, Shakir Moiduddin

The Interfaith Committee leads the Council’s efforts to build bridges with those of other faiths. It has a long standing relationship with the Chicago Archdiocese and holds a Ramadan Iftar for the Cardinal every year.

Bylaws Committee

Chair: Dr. Bassam Osman

The Bylaws committee leads the periodic updating and revision of the Council’s bylaws.

Fundraising Committee

Chair: Mohamad Nasir

This Committee is responsible for raising money for the Council’s many projects.

Finance Committee

Chair: Tasneem Osmani

This committee is responsible for keeping financial records of CIOGC in order.

Membership Committee

Chair: Ahmed Abdul Qadeer

The Membership Committee helps organizations attain CIOGC membership.

Muslim Schools

Chair: Habeeb Quadri

Coordinates efforts between various full time Islamic Schools in the area.

Public Schools

Chair: Okab Hasan

Outreach and communication with public schools.

Social Services Committee

Chair: Dr. Zahid Mohsin

Coordinates Social Services by the Council.