Our mission is to be the unifying federation of Islamic organizations of greater Chicagoland, the leading advocate of Muslim community interests and a catalyst for enriching American society.


IMAD 2019 Legislative Agenda

Through Illinois Muslim Action Day (IMAD), CIOGC provides the greater Chicago Muslim community the opportunity to engage with legislators in a meaningful way at the State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois. On Thursday, April 11, CIOGC will join community members to advocate for policies that promote the common good. This year’s legislative agenda, as with previous years, is important to not only the Muslim community but the greater Illinois community.

View and download our entire 2019 Legislative Agenda online

Please see three highlighted items from our 2019 Legislative Agenda below.

HB 1553: Juvenile Court – Special Immigration Minor
What does it do? It helps children who the federal government separated from their parents. It enables Illinois Juvenile Court to make the findings necessary to enable the minor to petition the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for classification as a special immigrant juvenile under federal law.

As the children are being separated from their families, they are suffering harm and abandonment. This bill provides legal pathway for the children to receive help from the Federal Immigration officials in the status of Special Immigrant Minor. Illinois will be participating greatly in securing relief for these children.

SB 1429: Evidence of Immigration Status
What does it do? It provides confidentiality to a person’s immigration status, when a person seeks just ice in a court of law. Prevents a person’s immigration status from being admitted into the court records, unless legally required. When the immigration status in legally required, it requires the court to protect its confidentiality.

In the words of the sponsor, Senator Villivalam, many immigrants, documented or not, choose not to proceed with valid legal claims for fear that they will be forced to discuss their immigrant status in the court. This wrongfully denies some of Illinois’ most vulnerable residents the legal protection that they need and should be guaranteed.. This situation even emboldens those who wrong with the immigrants. They get away with paying low wages, demand extra work without paying for it and outright theft of their wages. Injustices and discrimination in housing and other life needs are practiced with impunity.

HB 1637: Immigration Status-Access
What does it do? It enables immigrants to access State facilities for services, without the fear of being arrested by the Federal Immigration Officials. It enables the Attorney General to propose new rules related to limiting assistance with immigration enforcement at the public schools, state-funded health care facilities, public libraries, Secretary of State offices and courthouses.

This bill, when it becomes the law, will help immigrants seeks services schools, hospitals, etc., without revealing their immigration status, unless there is a legal requirement for such information. This bill is similar to Senate Bill SB1429 and should be supported for similar reasons.