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If You Want Change, Come In Numbers

Dear CIOGC Community,

We, Muslims, want change: change in policies affecting us on immigration, asylum, gun violence and health care. Change, however, is not spontaneous!

Change comes from pushing, nudging, and advocating your policies with Illinois legislators. Whether it is with a legislator, like an Illinois state senator, or with a local official, like a village mayor or trustee, we must be present and communicate the merits of our policy positions.

In Springfield this past April, one of our house representatives reminded us that, “…if you want to see change in how we vote, you must be here regularly and you must come in numbers.”

We are actively planning for IMAD 2019. It is our opportunity to meet face to face with our elected representatives. When we go to Springfield, we wish to bring more members of our community, young and old. We, therefore, need to rent more buses, expand logistical arrangements for those attending, and deploy our volunteers to best impact the delivery of our message with the Illinois legislators.

Your support, whether it is $100, $50, or whatever amount you are willing to give, will enhance our efforts this year.

Please take a moment to donate to CIOGC today and add your voice this year to our work in Springfield. Your contribution is most welcomed and appreciated.


Abdullah Mitchell
Executive Director
Council of Isamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC)

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