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Census Made Simple:

What is the 2020 Census:

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Promoting Civic Change through Educating, Engaging, and Empowering…


  • Hosted 15+ citywide Census job fairs.
  • Hosted Census educational forums at various masjids.


  • Maintain ongoing relationship with Illinois representatives
  • Build coalitions to support Muslims in America
  • Advocate for Anti-Registry Act
  • Voice local Muslim concerns
  • Combat hate and Islamophobia


  • Illinios Muslim Action Day including a Student Senate Page program
  • Muslim Get Out the Vote (voter registration, issue platform education)


For over two decades, CIOGC has served as the unifying force that brings together over 400,000 Muslim Americans in the greater Chicago region, and now increasingly all of Illinois.

The Council provides professional help, guidance, and resources to local Masjids (mosques) and Muslim community organizations so they can empower their leadership and communities. Our resources are available to those who are interested in enhancing their organizational capacity so that they can serve their members and communities most effectively.

Some services and areas of expertise that the Council can offer include:

Training on Grassroots Involvement

Legal Advice & Lobbying Practices

Public Relations and Media Relations

Leadership Development


Fundraising Strategies

Promotions and Advertising Support

Communications & Media Relations Training

Islamic School Curriculum Development