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Eid Fest at the Ballpark: Fun for All

From devouring their favorite snacks to cheering for the home team, family and friends enjoyed Muslim Eid Fest at White Sox Park.

Nearly 500 Muslims purchased tickets for the Monday, June 10 game between the White Sox and the Washington Nationals, and the White Sox proved to be excellent hosts.

From reserving excellent seats for our attendees, to accommodations made for Maghreb Salah, to providing White Sox memorabilia to give to us, the White Sox organization took great lengths to make this a enjoyable occasion for those who came to celebrate Eid at the ballpark. 

Many of those in attendance expressed their appreciation and gratitude for arranging this festive event for the community.  Even one Chicago Cubs fan personally acknowledged to CIOGC that for a major sports organization to reach out to our community in this way, he just had to come to the game to support the event, and the team.

We wish to express our thanks and gratitude to Habeeb Quadri and the Council of Islamic Schools of Illinois.  Their tireless efforts proved most beneficial in making this a special day for all in attendance.

Finally, while the White Sox may have lost the game, they won the admiration and respect of many of the Muslims who came to the game for hosting a night for Muslim Americans.