Our mission is to be the unifying federation of Islamic organizations of greater Chicagoland, the leading advocate of Muslim community interests and a catalyst for enriching American society.


Community Programs


In September, CIOGC joined with the Al Farooq Community Health Center to launch health care services in the local community. MedGlobal, Chicago Muslim Medical Alliance, and CIOGC provide volunteer doctors and donated medical supplies to support the operation of the free clinic at Masjid Al Farooq. Medical services are provided to any person, free of charge. The south and west sides of Chicago lack adequate medical care and services. Through CIOGC’s work with Al Farooq Community Health Center, and medical clinics being planned at other member organizations, this critical need for quality medical care can be met.

Inequities —Access to Healthy Food

The pandemic underscored the extent of food insecurity. With essential workers out of work, the need for food, fresh and nutritious, became acute. Through the CIOGC Zakat Committee, Zakat Chicago, the response to supply communities in need of food was swift. The Zakat committee and task force members reached out to member and nonmember organizations, to identify those in need of food. Food and household supplies were distributed throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas. The pandemic has served as an impetus for CIOGC to expand distribution of food and to extend access to smaller communities in need of fresh and nutritious food. CIOGC worked closely with the Rahmah Food Pantry in Niles, Illinois for the pantry to serve as a temporary hub for food distribution. Advocate Aurora Health agreed to supply the food pantry with 500 boxes of fresh food every month to support the work of the Niles pantry. Currently, the CIOGC is in discussions with the Greater Chicago Food Depository to identify how GCFD and CIOGC can work together to better meet the need in the Chicago area for fresh and nutritious food.