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CIOGC condemns burning of Massachusetts synagogues

 This past Thursday, two different Jewish centers, one in Arlington, Massachusetts, the other in Needham, Massachusetts, and the personal residence of the Rabbi for one of the centers were set on fire, just four days apart.

This targeted violence is categorically condemned, and the perpetrator, or perpetrators, must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

While the damage caused by the fire to both of the Chabad centers and the Rabbi’s residence was contained, the harm continues to grow.

At the end of March and into early April 2019, hate-inspired arson was committed in the State of Louisiana. On three separate occasions, a predominantly black church was set on fire in a parish in central Louisiana. Each church was completely destroyed.

During this month of Ramadan, the Diyanet Mosque in New Haven, Connecticut was intentionally set on fire.

Houses of worship are being categorically attacked, and the impetus for these arson attacks is not the edifice itself, but the values and principles these institutions represent. 

We extend our deepest sympathies to our brothers and sisters in faith in Massachusetts, Louisiana, and Connecticut and we ask our Creator and Sustainer, to grant them peace and perseverance in this time of loss.

Intolerance to those different from us must be rejected and our will to fight against such intolerance must remain steadfast.