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CIOGC condemns Barcelona attacks, expresses condolences to victims’ families

Today, as hundreds of tourists and local shoppers crowded a local market in Barcelona, Spain, many innocent human beings were horribly murdered. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks and authorities are still investigating.

The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC) vehemently condemns ISIS and these attacks, extends our deepest sympathies to the grieving families of those who were killed today in Barcelona, and asks the Almighty to grant each of them solace in this time of tremendous loss.

Not only was the loss of so many lives tragic and senseless, but the manner in which the victims were slain is evil and despicable. No moral conscience can justify the murder of these human beings, and no religious, political, or social principle can validate the commission of such murders.

When we call to mind this act of violence, we must not let the recent repetition of such acts dull our sense of outrage. When we call to mind this heinous act of violence, we must also remember that the perpetrators have victimized innocent people not only in Europe, but in numerous countries throughout the Middle East and Africa. When we call to mind this heinous act of violence, we must not let our resolve to resist such violence weaken.

We join the world community denouncing the killing in Barcelona and call all people of faith and good will to remain vigilant in standing against violence wherever it may appear.