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CIOGC condemns arson against New Haven, Connecticut mosque

Dear CIOGC Community,

During the blessed month of Ramadan, we are encouraged to strengthen our resolve, particularly during times of great difficulty. This past Sunday, we were asked to strengthen our resolve again as the Diyanet Mosque in New Haven, Connecticut was intentionally set on fire. This comes as part of a wave of attacks against Muslims and people of faith in our houses of worship.

CIOGC vehemently condemns the burning of the Diyanet Mosque as a cowardly act of violence and are following the investigation of this crime. We are thankful that no one was hurt and express our prayers and sympathies are with our brothers and sisters in New Haven. May Allah (swt) grant them the patience and the perseverance to meet the challenge of rebuilding their mosque. 

This arson attack is a chilling reminder that intolerance continues to spread in the United States and that we should reflect on how to address our collective vulnerability to hate-inspired violence. We must not, however, permit such acts to immobilize us. It is important to remain vigilant and be proactive in combating all forms of hate-inspired violence.

The response of CIOGC has been the institution of safety workshops open to member and nonmember mosques and Islamic schools.

It is our intent for the CIOGC safety workshops to address the broader ranges of risks we face in the current climate of intolerance. The workshops are not limited to training relative to an active intruder. They will address bomb threats, vandalism, and sabotage. We will be following the comprehensive training suggested by local law enforcement and health officials to best prepare us to address the various forms of hate-inspired violence. 

Please encourage your leadership to join this collaborative effort to protect our community. You can also donate to CIOGC to support our work.

G. Abdullah Mitchell
CIOGC Executive Director