C4 Action Network Endorsements

For information please call 1-888-8CIOGCC or 1-888-824-6422.

Mission Statement
Promoting the social welfare, participating in the electoral process, and advocating and lobbying for legislation, policies, and regulations that benefit the people of Greater Chicago.

Vision Statement
Equal rights, representation, and opportunities for all.

Core Values
Guided by the American and Islamic Values of Peace, Justice, Liberty, Equality, and Diversity

The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago Action Network was established in 2022 as a 501(c)4 entity.

Our mission is to promote social welfare by advocating for justice and the common good in
society, advancing equality and diverse community participation in civic and political affairs
and participating in the electoral process by promoting policies that benefit the people of
greater Chicago.

President: Syed Shahnawaz Khan
Vice President: Samreen Khan
Treasurer: Ans Ahmed
Secretary: Dr. Khalid Husain

Faiyaz Hussain
Maggie Slavin
Rezwan ul Haq
Mir Mustafa
Saba Khan
Shafeek Abu Bakr
Dr. Zaher Sahloul
Dr. Amin Nadim
Khalid Ansari
Sahira Siddiqui
Mohammed Kaiseruddin

The CIOGC Action Network has been charged with ensuring social welfare in Illinois. We are working closely with CIOGC C3, Islamic Relief, and IMAN to understand community needs and disconnects at all levels from social, economic, political and more.

We hope to raise awareness on social issues, foster community engagement, and make our institutions more aligned.

CIOGC Action Network takes the candidate endorsement process very seriously because we want to ensure that we select only the best candidates for the Chicago Muslim community. We use a selection and vetting process to carefully evaluate candidates on the basis of multiple criteria. This process includes having candidates fill out a comprehensive questionnaire in order for the Endorsement Committee to gain valuable insight into each candidate’s professional and political background, values and beliefs, and policy platforms.

CIOGC Action Network is fully committed to transparency; the criteria we use and the endorsed candidates’ questionnaire answers will be available to the public on our website. Should any candidate act or speak out against the Muslim community’s best interests, CIOGC Action Network holds the right to rescind its endorsement as determined by the Endorsement Committee.

We hope that through this effort, the Chicago Muslim community’s voice will be amplified.

C4 Guidelines for Candidate Selection*

  1. Is this a district where there is a sizable and/or growing Muslim population?
  2. Is there enthusiasm around supporting the candidate from allies, partners, etc?
  3. Is this candidate being selected primarily for being Muslim or of a particular ethnic group?
  4. Will the outcome of the race impact a highly relevant issue and/or the Muslim community at large?
  5. Are there political risks associated with making an endorsement for the race?
    1. Will it split the support base?
    2. Will it alienate allies or potential allies?

*Candidate is not required to meet all five criteria

C4 Guidelines for Candidate Vetting

  • Values – What do they believe in?
    • Philanthropy
    • Community involvement
    • Family values
  • Candidate Viability – Do they have an attainable vision?
    • Current Polling Numbers
  • Policies* – What will they advocate for?
    • Economy
      • Tax policy
      • Small businesses
    • Immigration
      • Refugees and asylum seekers
      • Border security
      • DACA
      • Deportation
    • Race/ethnicity/religion
      • Racial profiling
      • Islamophobia
      • Health disparities
      • Racism
      • Homegrown terrorism
      • Hate crimes and speech
      • Religious freedom
    • Foreign Policy
      • Foreign aid
      • No-Fly list
      • Homeland security
      • BJP/RSS
      • Israel
      • Russia
      • China
      • Myanmar
    • Gender
      • Reproductive health
    • Children and education
      • Education investment
      • School shootings
      • Universal pre-K
      • College costs
      • Sex-ed
      • Critical race theory, ethnic studies
    • Environment
      • Subsidies for electric cars, solar panels, etc
      • Renewable energy
    • Crime
      • Police involvement in community
      • Gun control
    • Health
      • Recreational drugs
      • Prescription drugs
      • Insurance
      • Medicare/medicaid
      • COVID
      • Mental health
    • Government
      • Affordable housing and senior living
      • Zoning
      • Transparency in campaign funding and spending
      • Diversity and representation

* Candidate should have a support platform for at least 1 issue under each policy area

We Promote:

  • Policies, Regulations and Legislation promoting Justice and common good that is Islamic Values-based
  • A Universal Human, civil, privacy and religious rights for all
  • A Peace, Liberty, Sanctity of Life, human dignity, and other universal religious and moral values
  • Fair inclusion of Muslims and other under-represented groups in public and political affairs
  • Support of just causes of Muslims and of the oppressed and weak everywhere
  • Voter Education, Voter participation and provide endorsements of candidates friendly to Muslim causes
  • A Dissemination of Muslim/Community news
  • We work with the CIOGC C3 and its Members