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Chicago Muslims deeply saddened by fire at Notre Dame Cathedral

The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC), a unifying federation of more than 50 Chicagoland Islamic institutions, extends its heartfelt sympathy to the Catholic Church and the citizens of the nation of France at the losses sustained at Notre Dame Church.

“CIOGC is deeply saddened to learn about the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. This tragedy is especially sad given the profound history and symbolism of Notre Dame. It is the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Paris and very symbolic to our Catholic brothers and sisters from around the world. We pray that the cathedral can be saved, and that healing can begin in the aftermath of this tragedy.” said CIOGC Chairman, Irshad Khan.

Abdullah Mitchell, CIOGC Executive Director, elaborated on the significance of the cathedral: “We, as a world society, have suffered a tremendous loss with the destruction of the Notre Dame Church. As a world landmark, few places remain in the world reflecting the architectural history of Notre Dame Church, and over time it has drawn visitors from across the world, seen as a place of solitude for people of various faith traditions. We join the world communities in offering our prayers and support in these trying moments.”

CIOGC expresses its condolences to the Archdiocese of Paris and our Catholic Brothers and Sisters, especially during this Holy Week before Easter Sunday.