Sheikh Ali Mashhour

Imam at the mosque foundation. Memorized the Qur'an thousands of narrations, specialize in Tafseer and Hadeeth.Studied Arabic in Palestine, Islamic sciences in the US under students of Scholars.Daily Quranic Reflections By Sheikh Ali Mashhour (52. At-Tur to 57. Al-Hadid)

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Dr. Babacar Mbengue

Dr. Babacar Mbengue teaches Islamic studies and history at DePaul University for its Islamic World Studies Program and History and Religious Studies Departments. He also teaches Islam & politics and international relations at Loyola University Chicago. He received his PhD in Arabic and Islamic studies, graduating with distinction from Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, [...]

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Sheikh Hasan Aly

Sheikh Hassan Mostafa Aly is the Imam and Director of Religious affairs at The Mecca Center in Willowbrook, Illinois since December 2011. He is a graduate of prestigious Al-Azhar University of Cairo, Egypt in Islamic Studies and Sharia. He has the “sanad / ijazah” linked to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in Quran and Hadith. He has [...]

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CIOGC Anti-racism Task Force Combats Bigotry in All Forms

A convergence of events and natural phenomena in the world today has captured the attention of every human being – and given us all great pause. The onset of a global pandemic has forced everyone into a heightened consciousness about their own sense of mortality. With the continued spread of Covid-19, the death toll and [...]

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Sheikh Zaid Khan

Zaid Khan memorized the Qur’an at an early age and graduated from the six-year Alim program at Darul Uloom Azaadville in South Africa in 2007. He specialized in Fiqh studies in 2008 and also received Ijazah in Qira'at and Tajweed. He has a B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies from Columbia University, and is currently in [...]

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Sheikh Rizwan Ali

Rizwan Ali is currently the Imam and Religious Director of the Islamic Center of Naperville. He completed his bachelor's degree from Benedictine University in Social Sciences and a minor in Secondary Education. He completed his master's degree from Saint Xavier University in Curriculum and Instruction. He completed his doctorate in Educational Leadership at Creighton University. [...]

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Council’s COVID-19 Taskforce: Activities, & Information Dissemination In Greater Chicago Area.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has affected close to 55 million and caused over 1 million deaths globally. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant detrimental effects on the health, well-being, and lives of people around the globe. As of late February, it became increasingly clear that COVID-19 was spreading in different places in the United States [...]

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A Post 9/11 World: Why civic and political engagement is necessary for American Muslims?

by Sadia Qureshi We all remember. We remember all those who lost their lives, regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, to a tragedy 19 years ago that reshaped the way the world operated and the way it perceived Muslims. And then swiftly, the day became a catalyst to fund and promote [...]

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9/11 and the Death of the American Muslim Dream

by Anisa Noormohamed , Guest Blog Contributor & Founder of Nur SkinCare Today marks the 19th anniversary of a day that changed so many of us profoundly. I often wonder what the trajectory of my life would have been had the events of that day had not happened, or even if the perpetrators hadn’t been [...]

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Point of View: What (or rather, Who) defines America?

By Jamiel Abed “My country, ‘tis of thee, poisonous land of racial injustice”.  Growing up in America is like watching a puppet show. You get to see the silk curtains, the bright lights, the comedic timing and satire of an inanimate object, everything about it is just so perfect. That is, until you peel back [...]

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