Is a Halal Lifestyle Compatible With the Lifestyle in the United States?

Too often the answer given is no.  In explanations given, the “American” lifestyle is casted as offering a series of prohibitions to Muslims.  It is asserted that the American lifestyle means drinking alcohol, eating pork, or taking interest.   This answer, and its supporting explanations, rest on two false premises. The first premise relied upon is [...]

5 Questions to Ask Your Halal Grocer, Making Sure You’re Getting Your Money’s Worth

Samana Siddiqui You may think everything you get from your local Halal grocery shop is as Halal to the tee: Islamically slaughtered, pretty fresh, free of germs, etc. But you may be in for a surprise. Some of the meat sold in smaller Muslim grocery stores may actually be bought from the non-Muslim wholesale market [...]

4 Big Reasons to Choose Zabiha over Non Zabiha

Choose what you will, but Zabiha clearly has more advantages over non-Zabiha meat available in supermarkets. Here are some MAJOR reasons why: 1. YOU CAN BE SURE THERE'S NO PORK IN IT In the last few years, revelations of pork being mixed with meat have surfaced. According to Ahmad Sakr, Professor Emeritus of Food Science [...]

A Select Book List about Halal and Haram

Islamic Dietary Concepts and Practices by M.M. Hussaini and Ahmad Sakr The Lawful and Prohibited in Islam by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi Halal Food Productionby Mian N. Riaz and Muhammad M. Chaudry Halal and Haram (According to Christian, Jewish & Muslim Scriptures) by Muhammad Umar Chand A Comprehensive List of Halal Food Products in U.S. and Canadian [...]