Our mission is to be the unifying federation of Islamic organizations of greater Chicagoland, the leading advocate of Muslim community interests and a catalyst for enriching American society.


Members and Community

Suicide Prevention Week

Research exhibits that high suicide attempt were a result of two rigorous components: religious discrimination and community disfavor — the factors that prevent Muslim American communities from seeking

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Charity During Dhul-Hijah

There are many difficulties in the post-pandemic age, especially for the poor. Many people are still battling to overcome the emotional, material, and bodily losses

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Daily Quranic Reflections 2021

5/09/12021 – Daily Quranic Reflections By Sheikh Almutaz Billah Alabd (Al-Mujadila & At-Tahrim). 5/08/12021 – Daily Quranic Reflections By Sheikh Ali Mashhour (At-Tur to Al-Hadid).

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Sheikh Hisham Al Qaisi

Br. Hisham Qaisi is the Religious Activities Coordinator at Islamic Foundation. His pursuit of traditional Islamic sciences began in Jerusalem and continued under scholars in

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