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9/10/15 – The 52nd annual ISNA Convention and CIOGC

By Dr. Mohammed Kaiseruddin, CIOGC Chairman

Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) leadership went out of its way to recognize CIOGC’s help for the 52nd annual ISNA convention. There was no stage – and there were many – at which ISNA leadership did not specifically express appreciation for CIOGC’s help and partnership. This was in addition to welcoming speech spot at the opening session, moderator spot in a main session, free booth at a prominent location, etc. The bulk of the organizing of volunteers, registration, etc. was done by independent community volunteers led by Asra Ali, Mir Khan, Husna Ghani and Alaa Fahmy.

In addition to the items listed above, CIOGC was directly involved in two programs: Prevention of sexual abuse panel and a meeting of the Regional Councils in the US. The Sexual Abuse panel was well attended. CIOGC helped organize a meeting of the Regional Islamic Councils in the US. The meeting was attended by officials of five Councils plus one who left a handout but could not attend because of some flight problems. Every Council presented the profiles of their organization and major activities. There was a unanimous desire to keep in touch by quarterly conference calls and meeting at ISNA conventions. Other suggestions were made for establishing a website and e-newsletter summarizing each Council’s activities. CIOGC was appreciated for organizing the meeting and was requested to continue initial coordination activities with help from Southern California and Michigan Councils.

Photo: OnIslam