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9/10/15 – Donate your Qurbani/Udhiya today!

It is that blessed time of year again, a time to remember Allah’s mercy and to reflect on the struggles that Prophet Ibrahim and his wife Hajar (peace be upon them) had endured. During this time, it is important that we recognize there are many people out there who lack basic necessities.

Let us carry out the example and sunnah of our beloved Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) within our celebrations and give generously to our sisters and brothers in need. Qurbani/Udhiya is a form of complete submission to Allah. And one way to worship Allah and to be of service to His people during this season is by donating our Qurbani/Udhiya so that the fresh meat feeds the people in need.

A number of Islamic organizations in the U.S. provide Qurbani/Udhiya to countries around the world, including CIOGC member organizations Zakat Foundation of America (ZF), Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD-USA) and Islamic Relief USA (IR-USA).

You can also donate your Qurbani/Udhiya through organizations like United Muslim Relief (UMR) and Indian Muslim Relief & Charities (IMRC).