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7/13/16 – #BlackOutEid Celebrates the beauty and joy of Black Muslims

By Safy-Hallan Farah, Paper

Ramadan, the holiest month of Islam, just ended. Muslims around the world are celebrating the breaking of the fast, Eid Al-Fitr, by, uh, breaking the Internet via #BlackOutEid.

#BlackOutEid, a hashtag specifically for black Muslims, emerged last year for the sole purpose of sharing the selfies of black Muslim people enjoying themselves (and existing!) on the three-day holiday.

Created by Twitter user @krennylavitz, the hashtag– along with its sister hashtag #BlackOutDay– is intended to celebrate black beauty. In the hashtag, many nationalities — from Somalia to Sudan to the United States– represent themselves in the digital ummah . Rarely are young, black Muslims given the space to showcase their personality, joy, fashions and looks the way that #BlackOutEid allows. With it, kids can fret less about the deep isolating exclusion they’re subject to by beauty standards that perpetuate fairer-skinned Muslims as the ideal.

#BlackOutEid is necessary. These kids are controlling how they want to be seen in a world that refuses to see them, in a world that often ignores aspects of their humanity like their blackness.

Black is beautiful. Black Muslims are beautiful.

Enjoy some of the best #BlackOutEid content here.

Source: PaperMag.com

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