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5/3/17 – CIOGC and partners make an impact in Springfield for IMAD

CIOGC held its 9th Annual Illinois Muslim Action Day (IMAD) on Thursday, April 27 with a breakfast honoring Illinois Senate President John J. Cullerton and Senator Jacqueline Collins, a press conference with the support of legislative leaders, and meetings between Muslim community leaders and Illinois State Senators to discuss and address legislation that matter to the Muslim community of Illinois.

Illinois Senate President John J. Cullerton and Senator Jacqueline Collins both received recognition and awards for their years of endless support for CIOGC and the Illinois Muslim community at the official IMAD Breakfast. Senator Cullerton thanked CIOGC, and assured breakfast attendees that he would continue to stand with, and protect the interests of the Muslim community.

Following the IMAD Breakfast, CIOGC led a press conference at the capitol building which included multiple legislators, community members, as well as interfaith, and immigrant advocates. Senator Jacqueline Collins expressed her appreciation for the civic efforts of the Muslim community, and stated that she will continue supporting the issues that are important to them.

IMAD also gave high school and college students the chance to be Senate Pages where they shadowed a State Senator to get an inside look on their day-to-day duties and first-hand experience on the legislative process. In addition, Senate Pages were invited to join a Senate hearing where their assigned Senators introduced the pages to the entire Senate body.

CIOGC also participated in a rally in support of higher education funding held by the University Professionals of Illinois. The rally addressed the issue of universities and colleges getting funding cut by millions of dollars due to Governor Bruce Rauner not implementing a budget in Illinois. CIOGC Communications Coordinator, Husnaa Vhora, spoke to the crowd about how the power of the people and standing together despite opposition from state officials would prevail in the end.

CIOGC expresses its sincere thanks and appreciation everyone from community leaders, to member and partner organizations, and legislators for joining and supporting us at the 9th Annual Illinois Muslim Action Day.