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5/24/17 – The Religious Garb Bill (SB1697) passes both houses

Religious Garb BillCIOGC is glad to announce that the Religious Garb Bill (SB1697) has passed all three readings in both the Senate and the House and is now on its way to Governor Bruce Rauner’s desk. The Religious Garb Bill is one of the bills on CIOGC’s Illinois Muslim Action Day (IMAD) legislative agenda and protects an employee’s right to wear any articles of religious clothing, or facial hair, in accordance with his or her religious beliefs.

CIOGC thanks the Senators and Representatives who have pledged their support for this bill as well as our community for their persistent efforts to advance this important piece of legislation. However, our work does not end here. Before the bill can be officially passed into law, we need you to call Governor Rauner’s office to express your support of SB1697.

Governor Rauner has sixty days to sign the bills into laws or veto them.

We urge you to call Governor Rauner’s office at (217) 782-0244 and kindly request for him to sign SB1697 into law!

To call Governor Rauner’s office and ask them to sign the Religious Garb Bill into law, please refer to this call script:
“Hello, my name is ______________. I am an Illinois resident and attend ______________ (Mosque). I am calling to ask that Governor Rauner support SB1697 (the Religious Garb Bill) to protect equal employment opportunities for all, regardless of religion and religious attire. Thank you.”