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5/10/17 – CIOGC: IMAD Legislative Agenda update


CIOGC’s Illinois Muslim Action Day (IMAD) legislative agenda includes four bills that, if passed into law, would help advance causes most relevant the Chicagoland Muslim community, as well as other minority groups in Illinois.

The four bills on CIOGC’s legislative agenda were The Religious Garb Bill (SB1697), Ensuring Police Accountability Practices (SB0058), Combating Hate Crimes Bill (HB3711), and Immigrant Safe Zones Act (HB0426).

Each bill, whether in the Senate or House, has to pass three readings. If a bill starts in the House and passes all three readings, it then moves to the Senate and goes through the hearing and voting process again. In the same way, if a bill starts in the Senate and passes through all three hearings, it moves to the House where it has to follow the same process.

The Immigrant Safe Zones Act was re-referred to the Rules Committee in the House of Representatives on April 28. On May 9, the Religious Garb and Ensuring Police Accountability Practices Bills both passed their third reading in the Senate and were assigned to the Labor and Commerce Committee, and the Rules Committee respectively in the House. The Combating Hate Crimes Bill had its first reading in the Senate on April 26, and on May 2, it was assigned to Criminal Law.

Contact your state representative and urge them to support SB1697, HB3711, HB0426, and SB0058! Find your legislator!

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