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4/6/16- CIOGC Co-Sponsoring UIUC MSA 21st Annual Spring Camp

The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign’s Muslim Students’ Association (UIUC MSA), the first established university MSA in the country, is hosting its 21st annual Spring Camp conference this weekend, from April 8 to April 10. This conference engages university students, various lecturers, faculty and the Urbana Champaign community to tackle the challenges faced by Muslims today. The theme, “Muslims of Tomorrow: Painting the Image of Islam Today,” will focus primarily on how to strive for a world without Islamophobia. Renowned speakers and topic line ups seek to inspire attendees spiritually. As recent events have unfolded, Muslims have been challenged to maintain their faith and beliefs while staying strong against the prejudice and bigotry they face. Spring Camp will serve as a much needed reminder to maintain courage as we dismantle the recent stereotypes being hurled at us.

Join UIUC MSA this weekend as they engage with speakers such as Ms. Noor Tagouri, Mr. Majed Mahmoud, Ms. Dunia Shuaib, Mr. Ammar AlShukry, Sheikh Omar Hedrough, Mr. Saqib Shafi, Ms. Karen Danielson, and Mr. Faizan Mumtaz about our future as Muslims. Join us for a captivating experience! Register here.