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4/26/17 – Clearing Up Controversy program tackles social issues head-on

The second installment of CIOGC’s brand new lecture series, “Clearing up Controversy,” which took place at Loyola University on April 24, was a great success. Loyola’s Muslim Chaplain, Omer Mozaffar, spoke on multiple topics which affect youth in the Muslim community, including gender relations, lack of self-value, mental health, and spiritual disconnect. He also shined a light on the problems that he encounters on a daily basis as Muslim Chaplain of one of Chicago’s largest schools. 

Binding together society and Islam, Mozaffar advised attendees to never internalize their problems or feelings, but to be vocal and get help whether that be from a religious leader, or someone like himself. He also acknowledged that some people may not feel comfortable getting help because of their fears. Because of this, Mozaffar said that it is the responsibility of the ummah to take care of each other, by either helping struggling peers, or by guiding them to someone who can help. We appreciate everyone who joined us and encourage you to stay tuned for the next event in the Clearing up Controversy series.

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