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4/19/17 – Faith-based violence prevention: Urge your Senator to support SR0379

Senate Resolution 0379 (SR0379) promotes the funding of violence prevention programs for faith-based organizations. The resolution was filed and referred to the Senate Assignments Committee as of April 4.

Communities of faith have been actively working to prevent violence in underserved communities for many years, however, lack of state and federal sources have limited opportunities for faith organizations to effectively address these issues through multidisciplinary programs and campaigns.

This is why CIOGC is urging the community to call your Senators and ask them to support SR0379!

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Synopsis As Introduced: Urges faith-based organizations and community based organizations to collaborate and build a multidisciplinary alliance that promotes community resilience and public safety through the development of programs and strategies aimed to prevent violence and violent extremism in impoverished, underserved, and at-risk communities by providing media outreach and educational campaigns, after-school programs, mentoring programs, and other activities that replace negative messages, activities, beliefs, and attitudes with positive productive activities, beliefs, and messages, through a transparent and collaborative process with the community that takes full advantage of any available State and federal funding resources.