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3/2/16- Seminar on Concept of God in Christianity and Islam

Hundreds of Muslims and Christians attended a seminar on “Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God”, featuring Yale University Divinity School Professor Miroslav Volf, and co-sponsored by CIOGC and Islamic Foundation.  

Dr. Miroslav Volf is a world renowned Christian theologian.  In fact, he helped draft the Christian response to the Common Word document by Muslim Scholars. There were 135 Christian scholars who were signatories to the Christian Response undertaken by Dr. Volf.

Professor Volf’s talk focused on his process for determining whether or not Christians and Muslims worship the same God. He explained that the two main premises that are consistent in both faiths is to love God above all else and to love the neighbor. Further, he explained that the concept of the holy trinity does not contradict the concept of worshiping one God, because in Christianity, the trinity is regarded as parts of a whole.Professor Volf went through the thought process of his book “Allah: A Christian Response” and shared some enlightening insights. Both Professor Volf’s books “Allah: A Christian Response” and “Flourishing: Why We Need Religion in a Globalized World” were available for sale and signing at the event.

Following Professor Volf’s lecture, several scholars took part in a panel discussion including Sheikh Amin Kholwadia of Darul Qasim Institute, Dr. Rita George Trvkovic of Benedictine, Dr. Mark Swanson of the Lutheran School of Theology, and Dr. Matthew Milliner of Wheaton College. They provided additional insightful comments on the topic of the evening.

Honorary guest Dr. Larycia Hawkins, former Professor at Wheaton College, received a standing ovation as she was presented with a humanitarian award by the Islamic Foundation Board for her courageous stand against the increasing bigotry against Muslims in the media and the presidential politics. She demonstrated her solidarity by donning a hijab and reminding the world that Muslims and Christians worship the same God.

Nearly 500 people attended this unique program held at the Islamic Foundation on Saturday, February 27.  The audience represented a cross-section of Christian and Muslim community leaders, religious leaders, and the community.

Photo Credit: Islamic Foundation.