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A Select Book List about Halal and Haram

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  • Islamic Dietary Concepts and Practices by M.M. Hussaini and Ahmad Sakr
  • The Lawful and Prohibited in Islam by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
  • Halal Food Productionby Mian N. Riaz and Muhammad M. Chaudry
  • Halal and Haram (According to Christian, Jewish & Muslim Scriptures) by Muhammad Umar Chand
  • A Comprehensive List of Halal Food Products in U.S. and Canadian Supermarkets by Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
  • The Elementary Book About Halal & Haram by Mohammad Mazhar Hussaini
  • Halal Food, Fun and Laughter by Linda D. Delgado
  • The Meat Eating Vegetarian by Caroline Maryam Ward (for children)
  • The Food We Eat by Farah Sardar (for children)