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2/3/17 – FOX 32: Jews, Christians and Muslims band together to protest Trump’s immigration orders

Originally published by FOX 32 Chicago

Jews, Christians and Muslims all banded together Friday to protest President Trump’s immigration orders.

The protesters formed a human chain in front of a mosque in southwest suburban Bridgeview.

“We are standing here as Jews alongside Christians and all people of good faith to say so long as Muslims cannot pray in peace, nobody can pray in peace,” said Rabbi Michael Davis.

Religious leaders from throughout the Chicago area say they’re incensed about President Donald Trump’s executive orders suspending immigration from six mostly-Muslim countries and barring refugees.

The human chain in front of the mosque was a symbol of many faiths linking together to fight the president’s orders.

“These are our neighbors living in communities next to us. And they need support and encouragement to know they don’t have to live in fear looking over their shoulder,” said Presbyterian Minister Adam Malak.

“I want them to know that I’m here in solidarity with them, as my faith tradition teaches me to love they neighbor, I wanted to be here to show that support to them,” said Deacon Michael Fakete.

The Muslims in Bridgeview believe the president’s actions are responsible for triggering a wave of anti-Muslim violence, including this week’s massacre that left six dead at a mosque in Canada and the recent fire that burned a mosque in Texas to the ground.   

“I pray that the recent happenings that may seem so disheartening and scary to so many of us actually serve as a means for us to unite,” one woman said.

The multi-faith protest was one of 35 similar protests in cities across the United States.

All of today’s events were linked on Twitter under the hashtag “We are all America.”