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2/3/16- SSU North Chicago Youth Bake Cupcakes for First Responders

What’s in a cupcake? Not much, one may think at first thought. But for the Sisters Steppin’ Up North Chapter, it was a way for them to give back to the community, specifically to the community’s first responders. A group of girls collectively baked cupcakes and distributed them over the weekend of January 23.

The purpose of the action was to give back to the people that constantly put their life at risk for the safety of residents and as a way to give back to the community. A small gesture of giving cupcakes was minimal in comparison to what first responders do for our communities on a daily basis. It was also taken as an opportunity for countering negative portrayals of Muslims in the media. With Muslims constantly on the news being portrayed in an unfavorable manner, the gesture was used as a tool to reconstruct the image of Muslims in a positive light.

Sisters Steppin’ Up met early to decorated the baked cupcakes as a group activity after which a group of them headed over to the Morton Grove Police and Fire Department where they were warmly welcomed by police officers and firefighters. The first responders thanked the group profusely and appreciated their act of kindness. It was a great opportunity for the Sisters Steppin’ Up and they plan to do it more often, as an act of Dawah and kindness, insha’Allah. There’s always more to something when there are good intentions behind the act, even in a cupcake.

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