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2/24/16- Spotlight 1: What have Islamic Schools Been Doing for Black History Month?

Education that Coincides With Social Justice

For CIOGC member, College Preparatory School of America (CPSA), teachers selected different texts that explore African American history to share with students in the classroom. Junior high teachers chose pieces that highlight African American accomplishments as well the progressive narrative on racial equality via excerpts from World War I and President Obama’s Democratic Convention speech. High school teachers had students analyze texts like Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech along with the autobiography of Malcolm X to analyze the foundation of competing voices within the African American community.

The conversation was furthered when CPSA students paid a visit to the Islamic Foundation School (IFS) to listen to Ms. Ilyasah Shabazz, daughter of Malcolm X, discuss the life accomplishments of Malcolm X. The students had the opportunity to ask Ms. Shabazz questions concerning racial equality as well as the means of overcoming religious adversity.

The Malcolm X Children’s Library (MXCL) at Islamic Foundation School (IFS) hosted various other activities to honor the life and legacy of the great Muslim social thinker and martyr – Malcolm X.

Ustadh Ubaydullah Evans from the Alim Institute visited IFS and discussed the role of scholarship in Malcolm’s life. IFS alum and first recipient of the Striving for Knowledge Scholarship, Madiha Ahmed, was also a guest.

There was a movie screening of The Trails of Muhammad Ali. Christina Abrahamfrom CAIR Chicago was the guest film critic and led a discussion on the legal ramifications of conscientiously objecting to war. Further, Dr.Meraj Mohiuddin, author of the highly regarded, The Story of Muhammad: Revelation discussed the quest of knowledge, Malcolm X’s role in his life and his search for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Lastly, students were able to wear red, white and black on Fridays to show their solidarity with the theme and events organized by the MXCL. Malcolm X Gear was also available for. Students were also able to share ann ice cream treat, because they always end the week on a sweet note especially since it is known that Malcolm X loved ice cream!