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12/23/15- CIOGC Annual Dinner Keynote Speech Now Online!

The video of Dr Fahmy’s keynote speech is available onlineDr. Dalia Fahmy’s keynote speech at the 23rd Annual CommUnity Dinner spellbound the audience. In her talk, she identified roots of Islamophobia, how it affects Muslims of different ages and its false premises. She explained how the historical records of the development of our constitution show that the founding fathers addressed the question of whether a “Mohammadan” can be the President of this country and, after a careful consideration, left the door open. She concluded her speech with the message that as anti-Muslim sentiment continues to be an accepted part of our political discourse, and Islamophobia continues to rise, we are undermining the core values of our constitution and our founding principles. Continued silence and acceptance of our political candidates engaging in such vitriol is both racist and un-American.