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12/10/15- The Bolingbrook Masjid and GainPeace Open Mosque Day

Over sixty guests attended the Open Mosque Day hosted by The Bolingbrook Masjid and GainPeace on Saturday, December 15, 2015 at 11.30 a.m. The aim of the event was to give an opportunity to neighbors and public officials to know the Muslim community and experience a day at the Mosque. Amongst the attendees was the Mayor of the city of Bolingbrook, as well as local police officers, fire chiefs and city administrators.

The program for the day included a mosque tour, a short presentation, a prayer observance and a Q&A session. The guests appreciated the presentation given by Dr. Sabeel Ahmed of GainPeace and Mr. Eddie Redzovic of the Deen Show. 

The question and answer session began with concerned audience members asking questions about the recent shooting in San Bernadino, Sharia law, women in Islam and more. All the questions were welcomed and answered. Visitors were then offered a delicious Middle Eastern cuisine lunch. In all, it was an informative day and the guests departed with offering thanks to the Muslims for hosting the event.