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11/30/16 – MCC/MEC Panel: Muslim Media on Current Affairs

MEC’s Publication Committee hosted a “Muslim Media on Current Affairs” Panel, where successful Muslim journalists discussed the election, its impact on Muslims and where to go from here.

Among the panelists were Ash-Har Quraishi, a reporter for WMAQ-TV Chicago, Noreen Nasir, a broadcast journalist and video producer for the Associated Press in Washington, DC, Rummana Hussain, Criminal Courts Reporter for the Chicago Sun Times, and Dr. Jalal Baig, a medical doctor and regular contributor to media outlets like the Washington Post.

The panelists all shared many common feelings and ideas including shock, lack of community engagement with other communities, and why we should have hope going forward.

“We were all sort of shocked that night. A lot of people didn’t see this outcome as a possible reality, said Noreen Nasir.

The result of this election has instilled fear in many Muslims. Still, Ash-Har Quraishi passed on a message of hope on why Muslims should never feel alone.

He said, “For every one of those incidents, there will be people who stand up for that.”

Both Nasir and Quraishi spoke about how troubled they feel about the rise of fake news. They added that we must “do our best to attack and verify the fake news” while “trusting the real and credible sources.”

Quraishi expressed his concern with the Muslim community’s lack of engaging with other communities who share the same fears and face the same problems.

“I don’t care about why Muslims are not condemning; I care about why Muslims aren’t inviting. Reach out to others and let them know how good Muslims are.”

Nasir shared the same sentiment.

“Where have Muslims been when the African American and LGBTQ communities have been attacked? We, as Muslims need to make sure we are there for them.”

Nasir had this to say about teaching the young in our Muslim community the importance of writing.

“Writing is an amazing, beautiful gift. As long as we continue teaching that to our kids, our community will be fine.”

To conclude the discussion, the panelists urged Muslims to contact their senators and representatives to let them know how they are feeling.