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11/11/15- Syrian Artist Etab Hrieb Exhibit at Fourth Church

CIOGC Interfaith partner Fourth Presbyterian Church on 126 E Chestnut Street in Downtown is currently hosting an art exhibit by Chicago-based Syrian Artist, Etab Hrieb, titled “From the Euphrates to Chicago.” The collection of watercolor paintings will be displayed until Monday, November 30, 5:00 p.m.

Hrieb also recently had an exhibit at Davidson college where she visits often.

During her most recent visit, Hreib participated in a henna and calligraphy common hour hosted by the Muslim Students Association, painted two canvases to be auctioned at the Dinner for Davidson, helped students paint 10 panels for a theatre production, and created an art installation with students.

Hreib will continue her outreach in hopes of closing the distances that obscure understanding between people. She said, “I want to give the younger generation here in America a new experience from one woman and one artist who has come from war in another country and has different experiences with war and in life.”

Hrieb has participated in many national and international shows since 1985. She was still living in Syria when political unrest began there, and she worked to provide aid for those under siege. Ms. Hrieb was granted political asylum and moved to Chicago in 2012; she continues to create artwork, participate in shows, and volunteer with children.

Opportunity for a gallery talk and walkthrough at Fourth Presbytery Church in downtown with Ms. Hrieb will be offered after the 11:00 a.m. service on Sunday, October 18.