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10/21/15- Protest of Increased Israeli Violence

The increased killing of Palestinians by the Israeli military and armed settlers has become a matter of grave concern.  More than thirty Palestinians were gunned down recently, whereas eight Israelis were killed by Palestinians in knife attacks.  Palestinians have been frustrated for far too long with the occupation, stealing of their land, check points and suffocation of all their economic activity.

To express an outrage at the killings American Muslims for Palestine and several other organizations held a huge rally in downtown Chicago, sunday, October 18.  Representatives from African American organizations, Palestinian organizations and the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago spoke at the rally.

CIOGC Chairman, Dr. Mohammed Kaiseruddin, emphasized that the Israeli occupation and killings are opposed by all human rights and peace loving people.  African American, Palestinian American, Indian American, Pakistani American, Syrian American, Egyptian American, etc. are all united in demanding an end to occupation and an end to attacks on al-Aqsa mosque.  A young African American killed in Chicago by the Police is unacceptable. A Palestinian child killed in Palestine by our money, the Israeli military or the armed settlers should be just as unacceptable.