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10/12/16 – CIOGC Top Muslim Achievers of 2016

Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid has been declared six times as one of the Most Influential Muslims of the World. The declaration says, “As President of the multimedia company Sound Vision he has created a critical educational resource for Muslims. His development of the Radio Islam nightly talk show in Chicago is not only a source of support for Muslims, but an important educational link to non-Muslims in the greater Chicago area. During his tenure as Chair of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (2005-2008) and in his role as Chair of the Parliament of the World’s Religions (2010-2015), Mujahid spoke with eloquence not only about the destructiveness of Islamophobia but also of the need for all people to come together in a spirit of justice and peace.”

Imam Mujahid has won several awards: the Outstanding Academic Book of the Year Award in 1990 from the American Library Association on his book, “Conversion to Islam: Untouchables Strategy for Protest in India,” the Milestone Award from the Asian American Institute in 2006 and the Human Rights Commission Award from the City of Chicago in 2007.

Imam Mujahid has made significant achievements in a variety of fields, including Interfaith Relations, Human and Civil Rights and Political Activism.

  • He successfully organized and chaired the International 2015 Parliament of World’s Religions in Salt Lake City which was attended by 11,000 people from 50 religions and 80 countries.
  • As the national coordinator of the Bosnia Task Force USA, in the ’90s, he successfully led efforts in collaboration with the National Organization of Women (NOW) to declare rape as a war crime in the international law for the first time in human history.
  • He is a founding member of a political organization called; Muslim Democrats. In 2008 he served on the Credentials Committee of Democratic National Convention.