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1/13/16- Muslim Youth of Orland Park Hold First Ever Fundraiser

On Saturday, January 9, 2016, Orland Park Prayer Center held the first Muslim Youth of Orland Park (MYOP) Fundraising Night, showcasing all their youth programs and initiatives. The gathering was inspirational and helped the community hear the voices of Orland Park youth. Attendees were touched by the presentations and many were tearing up seeing the community’s youth express their love for the Prayer Center.

The fundraiser collected over $70,000. MYOP’s Facebook page stated:

“Everything was simply beautiful; the decor, the program, the organization, the utmost professionalism, the team work, and the overwhelming Islamic spirit. The angels were surely upon the blessed gathering as we shared laughs and learned about the tremendous work our High School and College students were putting forth. MYOP trusts that all of their supporters have been making duaa’ for all of the leaders, for beloved Sh. Kifah Mustapha, and of course for all of the youth. May Allah bless the youth, the leaders of the youth, the organizers of this event, the families of the youth, and all the Muslims of the world. Ameen!”

CIOGC congratulates the Muslim Youth of Orland Park for this amazing feat and wishes them the best of luck.

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