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1/13/16- Masjid Al Farooq Acquires Street Parking Lot

Congratulations to CIOGC member Masjid Al Farooq for reaching a significant milestone! On January 6, 2016, Masjid Al Farooq, located south-east of Chicago, successfully closed on the parking lot across the street. The parking lot will meet the City of Chicago occupancy requirement for the Mosque’s congregation prayers during Jumu’ah, Eid, and Taraweeh prayers.

Imam Ousmane Drame of Masjid Al Farooq credited the community for this success.

“First and foremost, we are all grateful to Allah without Whose will and blessings this wouldn’t have been achieved. We thank every single member of the Muslim community; friends and supporters who contributed their time, effort, money and prayers. Be it known that this purchase was not the result of any single individual, nor any single family, but rather the collective cooperation of our entire community who came together during this time of need. This cooperative effort is a strong testament to the Divine blessings that bind us all together. We pray that Allah bless you and your family for your kind generosity and make the paradise your rewards.” he said.