CIOGC Muslim Youth Expo

Welcome to the second annual CIOGC Muslim Youth Expo, ‘Inheriting a Legacy,’ taking place on October 8, 2016 at North Park University.

With an attendance of 300+ at last year’s expo, CIOGC has put together a day for the youth to remember. This year, CIOGC is featuring speakers like ALIM’s Ustadth Ubaydullah Evans on topic like ‘Youth Inheriting a Legacy,’ CAIR’s Gerald Hankerson on issues of ‘Marginalized Muslim Communities and Muslim Youth,’ or local activist, Gihad Ali, on ‘Things that Disconnect You,’ an interactive session answering the questions that youth need answered. So many more presenters will be in attendance covering important issues to our young people.

Booths from various masajid, professionals, MSAs, youth vendors, and Muslim organizations will be arranged for brothers and sisters to walk through and take away valuable information and be inspired to conquer new possibilities. Food will be provided at the event, and after all the sessions, youth will get the opportunity to view works of art and design and listen to spoken word performances that were entered in the ‘Fresh Palettes’ competition; if interested, youth could win a first place prize of $200 in one of four categories if they enter. Going to be an amazing expo this year! So be sure you register for FREE admission before October 8th; Otherwise, it will be $10 at the door.



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