In early 2011, CIOGC started working closely with Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL 9th District) who responded to the Muslim community’s concerns regarding FBI profiling. Rep. Schakowsky focused on allegations that some FBI agents have been trained to view mainstream American Muslims with suspicion and to view the faith of Islam itself as the source of terrorism and extremism. Through Congresswoman Schakowsky’s efforts, the Muslim American community in Illinois and across the country was able to get FBI Director Mueller to admit that the FBI training at the time did contain “inappropriate offensive content” and pledged to perform a ‘top to bottom’ review of FBI counterterrorism training.

As a result of the CIOGC's efforts, the FBI and other law enforcement officials were offered an opportunity to build relationships within the diverse Muslim community. The FBI made a concerted effort to reach out to the Muslim communities in Chicago and suburbs to make sure they are aware that they are there to protect their rights and civil liberties. As part of that effort, the FBI hosted its own Ramadan iftar at which several Council members were invited. In addition, the FBI began to partake in many such dinners at area mosques. The agency also invited Muslim community leaders, as well as members of other ethnic groups, businesses, and media to participate in its yearly Citizen's Academy.

According to Chicago FBI spokesperson, Ross Rice, “We reach out as best we can to all ethnic and religious groups, not just Muslims. I think we have a lot more understanding and a lot of trust with many members of the Muslim community. We have a much better knowledge and understanding of the Islamic faith.”

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