Become a Pillar of Support

Pillars of CIOGC contribute $1,000 a year or more to support the organization's work in five main areas: Member Services, Civic Engagement, Interfaith Relations, Media & Communications, and Youth Leadership.

With the support of our Pillars, the Council:

  1. Unites Muslim organizations of Chicagoland
  2. Presents a unified Muslim voice
  3. Enhances the image of Islam and Muslims in the media
  4. Advances Muslim community interests through government relations and civic engagement
  5. Strengthens relationships with other faiths
  6. Helps Muslim youth become better Muslims and American citizens

To become a Pillar of CIOGC, please call the CIOGC office at 312-506-0070 or easily and safely donate online below.

Donate here.

Based on your preference, there are other options for supporting CIOGC:

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